My Dearest Father:


I was like a king with you—and what happens when a king loses his kingdom?
I know how you would respond: “You are not a child now. You are a grown woman.”
But let me tell you, Dad, I still need your support and kindness.
Yes, I am a mother now and I know how it feels when my child cries and wants me to hold him; every morning and every night, I pray for the souls of all parents. It might be crazy, but I still need you like my child needs me. I need to call you, talk with you, and put my head in your lap.
I search and search and I can feel that you are not in this world.
Father, please come in my dreams. There I can talk to you aloud and ask you how to find myself again.
I will ask you for heaven’s address, for the address of someone just like you!
Promise to come tonight.
I love you.

Your daughter,
A Nameless Afghan Woman